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Texting While Driving Can = Death.. It Can Wait

The lure of texting while driving is a challenge I (and others) have fought for years. But when I became a parent, I felt an even stronger responsibility not to text (or use my phone w/o handsfree accessories or apps) while driving. If not only to be a role model for my kids who will be driving sometime (too soon now that I have tweens), but also for the safety of my family and others.  Using phones in cars without handsfree accessories (i.e. distracted driving) is also illegal in many states.  For years I heard stories of people that were either hurt, hurt others or died from texting (using the phone) while driving.  While it is uncomfortable to watch the AT&T videos where real people share their stories about the dangers of texting and driving as well as a documentary with accident stories, I felt like it was important not only for me to watch but also for my tweens to watch.





In a interesting twist of fate, the first person I *almost* knew that could of died from texting or using social media while driving was a celebrity plastic surgeon. The exact cause of his crash is not known, but *speculation* from the news articles links his car accident to possibly his use of social media very close to the time of his accident. I remember the moment I read about his death, I looked at the certificate on the wall that I had been saving for a trial dermabrasion (a skin treatment) and realized that would never come to fruition. Of course, my top feelings were sadness that he had died and sympathies to his family – but having seen his tweets so close to his accident really made me think that it could happen.



I have worked with AT&T on initiatives in the past. Today I received a press update about the It Can Wait website and thought it was important for me not only to take the It Can Wait pledge (click here) but also to share with my readers in hopes they take the pledge.



So take the no txting while drivng pledge, be safe.. it can wait!


Disclosure: This is a press release update.






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App to help find Lost Kidz Launches Today

Disclosure: I am working with the LostKidz team on their launch campaign.



It happens to almost every parent, that moment where you are out with your child and suddenly they are out of your sight. I had that happen at an airport, and with the help of some other people at the airport that were also parents – we found my son being held at security because in a split second while I was helping one of my sons – my other son had wandered into a secure area. My experience ended with a big hug, tears and a lesson learned from my son. But there are sadly many not so happy endings. Today Appiness Ltd., ” launched Lost Kidz, a mobile app that provides parents and caregivers with an instant alert system for kids who are lost or missing“. The more people that download the app, the more effective it is at helping send alerts out to make communities safer.



The Lost Kidz app is free to receive alerts and is only $0.99 annually (in-app purchase) to send out unlimited alerts (and create a profile for your kids) during the subscription period. Although the app currently is only available in iOS, the Android version is under development and will be available later this year. I can’t wait to load the Android app to my phone when it comes out, not only for my kids but also to participate in a safer community for all.

Press Release:

Lost Kidz App Launches to Provide Emergency Mobile Alert System for Missing Children (via PR Newswire)

JERSEY, United Kingdom, August 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Appiness Ltd., today launched Lost Kidz, a mobile app that provides parents and caregivers with an instant alert system for kids who are lost or missing. Addressing every parent’s worst nightmare of losing a child, Lost Kidz uses location-based…

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