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First of April – My Favorite Things

Today is April 1st and here are my favorite links of the day:

Think Geek finally has a tee shirt about the computer overlords, edible gummy iPhone case, Angry Birds Pork Rinds and De-3D glasses. I know Cool Mom Tech agreed with the good finds at Think Geek.

Cool Mom Tech also covered Smart Starterz – learning language in the Womb (darn, why didn’t I do that?).

@JeffElder found a data dock that is also a toaster!

Finally – Google Motion (motion controlled email) is in beta and ready to goooo (as in jump around instead of typing).

And best yet, now my kids can pretend to wait in line at the Apple Store with the Playmobile Apple Store:

Happy April 1st!


Tech Is The New Green

In our family we talk regularly about ways we can go green (yes, I am even going to buy a compost bin). My husband is obsessed with eco tech – and I am just getting up to speed. Please share with me links to posts about eco tech that families can use.. Here are just two posts from today:

  1. Dell’s Green Machines on
  2. Amazon has a new green idea that is brown (as in packaging will be brown)
  3. NASA Electric Moon Rover  (for kids interested in eco-tech and space)
  4. Alltop’s Green section has tons of juicy eco-tidbits

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Recycling Technology Gadgets

Dory Devlin from Yahoo Tech posted with some information on the second life of unwanted gadgets. I found this very interesting because I am in the middle of preparing my current computer to pass on to my oldest son. And to further this "recycling trend", my new computer happens to be a re-furbished HP laptop from their business line. And to make things even more fun, we passed a really old keyboard to my son as a science experiment. He carefully took apart the keyboard and put on a show for his twin preschooler brothers on how a keyboard works.

I searched online for computer recycling centers and found a link to the green citizen that services San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Computer Recycling Center and a comprehensive post from BlogHer that discusses nonprofits and computer recycling.